Thursday, August 25, 2005

Video Blog - Ice Carver

Since the weather is cooling off a bit I decided to post this today. It's a short clip from a documentary I shot and edited involving an ice sculptor. It was shot it during the Dowagiac Ice Time Festival (here in Michigan). See if you can guess what he's carving. (The answer will flash on the screen very briefly at the end of the clip. It's a bit hard to read so you may have to skip ahead to that frame to read it.)


Carolyn said...

Very cool. I guessed the butterfly part right away! I really like reading the stories and seeing your photos of your town. In my neighborhood they also use the Confederate Flag as kitchen curtains, I never new there were so many confedrates in Michigan!
;c )

Positively LOVE your Guerilla Art pieces

sammo said...

Thanks. Just got done checking out your blog and flickr photostream. Great stuff... I left comments.