Sunday, April 25, 2010

Underwater Video - Sunken Boat

On only the fourth outing with my underwater camera I was completely surprised to find a sunken boat! Unfortunately, I was drifting pretty quickly so it was really difficult to get a steady shot. I'm hoping to try and get some better footage soon.

Video shot using the Marcum VS825 underwater viewing system.
Location: Sunset Lake, Vicksburg, MI (Kalamazoo County)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Video Fishing - Bass and Bluegill

Since I'm still learning how to shoot underwater, I'm really happy about these shots. Currently I've attached the camera to a 7' telescopic pole with velcro straps. It's made an incredible difference in image stability. What's crazy is, despite a huge pole cruising through the water, the fish don't seem afraid at all. They actually seem to be attracted to it. This is clearly evident by how close the bass got to the lens.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Art 2030 Project - Southsea, Portsmouth U.K.


My wooden plaques were recently installed for the 'Art 2030' - Eastern Road bollard art project in Southsea, Portsmouth, U.K.

This guerrilla art project was conceptualized by "My Dog Sighs", who had this to say about the inspiration for the project: "So I drove home from work on this road ( the eastern road Portsmouth A2030) every day and it is always gnarled up. 10-15 mins everyday I sit stuck in traffic looking a a row of about 150 wooden bollards stood along the road. they must get tens of thousands of slow moving cars crawling past them everyday. the ultimate canvas!!!!"

If you'd like to submit art to the "Art 2030 Project" go here for more information:

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Video Fishing

This is a murky underwater video clip of Sunset Lake (vicksburg, MI). Although there aren't any fish shown I'm really happy with how this test video turned out. Hopefully, in the future I'll have clips of fish swimming around.

Underwater Camera: Marcum VS825c Color Underwater View System