Thursday, August 04, 2005



I decided to spend last week actively searching for artisitic photo opportunities. Artistic photo opportunities such as architectural details, clouds, black & white street scenes etc. etc. That didn't quite work out. The entire week I seemed to be stalked by extremely absurd subject matter.

Case in point. 100 yards from where I work was an old Latvian man selling his hand made birdhouses. To attract attention he attached this kissing deer installation to his pick-up truck.

The corner on which he was selling his creations is always empty. I've been working in the same location for 6+ years and he's the first person I've ever seen trying to sell his wares there. At that point I gave up trying to get "respectable" artistic photos and instead decided to embrace the oddities. Stay tuned for more oddities.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious as that Latvian man can be pictured with his pick-up and birdhouses.