Monday, August 22, 2005



Recently, fellow blogger Kevin commented that I'm " in some strange pocket-o-weird. Dead bodies, aliens in windows, dogs guarded by owners with shotguns". He's right. To illustrate that point further here are 2 photos I took within 10 minutes of each other while biking. Granted they aren't outrageously strange but they are a bit odd.

The first one depicts a kid holding a Garage Sale sign. Normal, right? Wrong. This kid was sitting in a vacant lot, not a garage in sight. So as I was biking by him I asked where his garage sale was. He said "It's right here, only there's no garage."..... Ok?.... so I took a photo.

The second one I happened upon 4 minutes later. I noticed, from a distance, something strange protruding from the chain link fence near the public restrooms. So I went to investigate. What I found was a pair of flip flops held under key....ok?... so I took another photo. That 10 minute bike ride pretty much sums up where I live.

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