Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Subconscious Graffiti

I got hit with sore throat and fever last night. Of course having a fever while sleeping can bring about some strange dreams. In this particular dream I'm trapped in a red blanket maze. The folds of the blanket become the walls of the maze. There were a lot of folds making it endless. So as I'm making my way through I'm shouting out words like "expedite" and "contradiction." Each time a word is shouted it becomes physically real and attaches to the white towel I'm holding. In typical locker room style I snap the towel. The words then attach to the red maze walls. I remember having a good deal of fun walking through the maze slapping big words to the walls.

So if Children's Tylenol induces this sort of child-like dream I wonder if a child taking Adult Tylenol would have adult-like dreams.