Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tehran, Iran Urban Art Submissions

Here are my contributions to the 20x20 Urban Art Project to be held in Tehran, Iran.

To learn more or to become involved here's the synopsis and link to the flickr group"
Lets Make ART .Not WAr
Installation of 20x20 cms Art in Tehran Urban Area/ An Illegal Action for peace !!!!
Dead line 10th Novemeber 2009
Event dates : 1st Dec2009
you can send in your Works by Airlmail or
Send us your digital File by email ,we are also able to print them on stickers or photo papers by a color laser print.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wild Boar Skull - ReUse Art Project


If I can find an appropriate mailing tube this will be my submission to the ReUse Art Project. The ReUse Art Project displays the works of street artists from all over the world. The works of art are often created with discarded scraps or found objects. In years past, the works of art have been displayed in abandoned buildings in Tel Aviv.

Visit these links to learn more or to become involved in the ReUse Project:

Size: appox. 36" x 41"
Medium: Prismacolor Markers
Media: Discarded Epson Matchprint Proofing paper

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Toilet Seat Art


Found a great deal on toilet seats and spray paint today. Thanks to B&G Discount (in Schoolcraft, MI) I bought the toilet seat for only $1.50 and a can of white spray paint for .44. This was the result.