Monday, August 29, 2005

Gatorade Window Project

About a block from my house is a make-shift weightlifting gym that occupies the corner of a large industrial building. For quite sometime the inhabitants have been placing their empty sports drink bottles in the large picture windows. Being a purveyor of oddities I always thought they should fill the entire window with the empty bottles. So one evening I noticed the lights were on in the "gym" and decided to drop in and ask if they were going to fill the window. If they were, I would offer my "services" to drink more Gatorade and leave my empty bottles for the good of the "the cause". Fortunately Larry and Pedro appeared to be recpetive to the idea. So as I type this entry I'm swigging on a liquid hydration energy drink with B vitamins (in orange flavor)... I can only hope they're doing their part too.


Adam said...

HA! I think I know were that is...and I used to pump iron there! that is so kick butt!

sammo said...


You wouldn't recognize the Renda Tile and Carpet location anymore. Just a big parking lot with a movie rental place soon to be opening.

Anonymous said...

You gonna color co-ordinate them, try to spell something out with the different color bottles? Just a thought, subliminal terrorism.