Friday, June 10, 2005

Cornstock 2005 - 2'x4' Banner Design


Here's an intermediate design for a 2'x4' Cornstock Banner. The final colors will be deeper and richer... nothing like the "circus colors" depicted.

For those interested in attending the first annual Cornstock Music & Arts Festival the date of the event is June 18th (Saturday) from noon to 9:00pm. Numerous bands will be performing. Music styles will range from folk, bluegrass to rock and rockabilly. It's going to be held at Scotts Mill Park (not far from Kalamazoo and Portage). For more information Robert, the event promoter may be reached at 269-760-5376 (daytime) or 269-626-8081 (evenings)

1 comment:

sammo said...

UNFORTUNATELY, no actual corn playing instruments.

FORTUNATELY, no people in costumes (I hope).