Thursday, June 02, 2005

Amish Bass Boats


Avid fisherman have told me for years that at certain boat launches you can see Amish buggies towing $30,000 bass boats. I've been wanting to photograph that sight for years. Low and behold, on this day I almost got my wish. Unfortunately the only boats I saw being towed by buggies were the kind you'd expect the "plain people" to be towing. Plain ones. No matter, judging from the amount of buggies at this boat launch it's only a matter of time before I "bag" the big one.

Ironically, while taking photos of the buggies and boat trailers a fisherman stopped me to ask if I'd seen anything like that before. He went on to validate the sightings of Amish-owned expensive fishing boats and how hilarious it is to see them.

(You can't see it from the photos but all the horses were tied up in the woods).

*** I'm fully aware the Amish don't like their photos taken. That just adds to the excitement of the chase. ***

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