Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ceramic Tree Faces


I think this concept is so cool. Ceramic face pieces that you hang on your trees.

I found this set at our local Meijer's garden center in their clearance area for $8.00. The manufacturer seems to have 2 designs to choose from. Personally I think they could look a little better. But this, in my opinion, was the better looking set of the two.

I'm glad I got the pieces for $8.00 but, at the same time I was a little bummed. The fact that they were on clearance may mean they weren't selling well. Too bad, the concept was (is) great.

***I've been meaning to reposition the face because the day I put it up I was being mercilessly attacked by mosquitoes. As a result I had to pound the nails, hang the pieces and run.

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