Monday, October 31, 2005

Kidnappers - First Contact

Earlier in the day I emailed the kidnappers to negotiate meeting them at a time and place of my choosing. Fortunately for me they agreed. I chose Sunset Lake Park at dusk. I chose Sunset Lake Park because I knew it was well lit and there were plenty of places to hide a video camera.

So, I arrived a bit early and brought "SLUMP" with me. Who's SLUMP? Well, any campaign needs to implement security precautions. So SLUMP was hired to be SUMP's body double. Unfortunately SLUMP was off duty (so to speak) when SUMP was kidnapped. In any event, he insisted upon coming along. I agreed since there's safety in numbers.

The kidnappers arrived shortly after I placed the hidden camera. They arrived in some sort of SUV or mini-van. While I was trying to count people's silhouettes, out popped the "Unknown Comic" wearing a paper bag with eye holes cut out. My initial instinct was to walk up to the vehicle to meet him. But then I remembered the camera was rolling and he'd be out of frame. So in an awkward movement, I back stepped in the hopes to get him in the frame. (Unfortunately the event looks a bit staged. But it wasn't). Anyway, We exchanged a few words. As I was about to ask some questions he handed me an envelope. It was obvious I was to read the letter in the envelope and not ask any questions. So as I read the letter trying to determine what I was to do next they quickly drove away . As I finished the letter, it became clear another face to face meeting had been requested (for tomorrow). That meant SUMP wasn't coming home tonight.

The clock is definitely ticking. The campaing officially ends November 2nd... It wouldn't look good to have a no show candidate.

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