Monday, October 31, 2005

Kidnapper's New Demands

This photo was emailed to me by the captors. I just received it this morning.

Over the weekend the kidnappers tried, unsuccessfully, to provide me new demands for the release of SUMP. Apparently they tried to leave a comment (with their demands) on my fine art blog and it didn't go through (And I didn't block their comments). Yet the outpouring of people demanding the release of SUMP went through just fine. . Strange??

So THANK YOU EVERYONE for pulling together and making your voices known by commenting. SUMP very much appreciates it and so do I.

As for the kidnapper's new demands (I just received) this morning. They involve two major components. One I'm supposed to stand in front of the Vicksburg Fire Dept. tonight (during trick or treating) and hand out FREE SUMP "flyers" to passers by. On the back of each "flyer" I'm supposed to include a unique identifier (letters or numbers) so the receipients can add a comment to this blog (and be identified). Supposedly I'll be under surveilance while doing this. In addition, individuals behind the plot will be among the people getting the "flyers"...

Here's the second major component. I'm supposed to be ready to give the "Unknown Comic" one of the flyers and he will give me something in return. If I don't know who the "Unknown Comic" is I'm supposed to ask around.

So there you have it. You have to hand it to the kidnappers, they certainly are a clever and creative bunch....

So what happens next? I'm not sure yet. Hopefully, we'll have a positive resolution by tomorrow....

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