Tuesday, November 01, 2005

One Roughed Up SUMP!

Here's the new message (and photos) from the cold, heartless, kidnappers:

"OK OK WE ADMIT IT! Taking care of this guy is waaay over our heads! After depriving him of his breakfast this morning, he got extremely ornery, and broke out of his chains! We had to chase him around the neighborhood for about an hour! The only way we could stop him was with a tazer (like the police use - don't ask how we got it)! I couldn't believe it - he was still kicking and yelping once he was on the ground! We had to use a little brute force in order to get him back into restraints. He got a little banged up in the scuffle, but he brought it upon himself. I will be sending a picture to you showing his condition. The picture should also give you a clue as to where we left him. He was just too much to get back here to the dungeon, so we tied him up outside a local business. He is yours! We want nothing to do with him anymore! I cannot believe we have actually been foiled in this caper! Beware Mr. Sammo - there's always a next time!"

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