Sunday, October 30, 2005

SUMP Kidnapping Plot Thickens

The captors have issued the following demand on my fine art blog:

"Glad you decided not to invlolve the police - that would have only made things worse. This guy can be a little ornery. We finally fed him (rotten potatoes and road kill), then he calmed down a bit. He wants to talk to you and is pleading for help, but the time is not right yet. Your first set of instructions is to get 10 more postings on this site. They must all be from different identities. Careless entries will only bring more trouble for Sump."

The site they're referring to is the 10/20/05 SUMP Goes to Jail post (on my fine art blog). So if you're reading this please leave a comment regarding SUMP's release Here!

In addition, the captors sent a photo of SUMP to show his current condition. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the SUMP email account (from home). So I'll most likely post that photo on Monday morning.

So please comment on that particular post to show your support for SUMP.

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