Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Video Blog - Schoolcraft, MI Warehouse Fire


As I was riding my bike I noticed heavy smoke rising into the air. I heard a few sirens but nothing to indicate something serious was happening. I thought maybe the Vicksburg F.D. was putting out a grass fire.

After my bike ride I decided to see if I could get some footage of the fire since the smoke was still rising. I thought the fire was a few blocks away. Anyway the fire was actually in Schoolcraft. About 5 miles away. There was an amazing amount of traffic and a lot of people leaving their houses to check out the fire. I took a few shortcuts to avoid traffic hoping to get closer to the "action." The video footage I took was as close as I could get without having to contend with fire crews and the cops.

Just to clarify. I shot the video footage but the still photo and news story came from

SCHOOLCRAFT (NEWS 3) - A massive fire ripped through a storage company in Schoolcraft late Monday afternoon.

The fire started in on warehouse at ELC Storage and then spread to a second next door. Dozens of fire trucks from all over southern Kalamazoo County were called in to fight the blaze.

At this point firefighters do not have a cause for the fire. No one was injured in the incident.

Two of ELC's five warehouses are a total loss.

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