Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Healthy Self Image


****Before we go too far, here's the results from yesterday's $1000.00 gift certificate giveaway: Nobody won. Apparently no one else thought the gift certificate was worth anything either. Contest over.******

Recently my co-workers and I went to a local buffet for lunch. As we were getting ready to eat, a heavy-set man and his family arrived. This man was heavy enough that other heavy-set people also took notice. Here's the cool part. On his shirt it read, in big, bold letters "I'M BIG, YOU'RE SMALL...HAVE A NICE DAY." Followed by an image of a smiley face.

What an excellent way to address the obvious, divert people's attention, and put them at ease with some humor. I couldn't help but think there's a guy with a seemingly healthy self image. At least that's my take on the encounter.

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sammo said...


I wish I had time to colorize all my black & white work.

You know how it goes. On to the next piece of art.