Thursday, April 28, 2005

Blue Face Painting


This was painted on an 18"x24" piece of artist's masonite. Masonite can be found at most lumberyards. It's used in many kitchen cabinets. However, artist's masonite is processed differently than the lumberyard variety. Something to do with the oils used in the development process. Apparently artist's masonite will avoid yellowing over the years. Most artist's masonite can be bought pre-gessoed for acrylic or oil paints.

Early on I bought a 4'x8' sheet of masonite from a local lumberyard in the hopes of doing some paintings. While there I decided to have them cut it down to workable sizes. They cut it down to my requested sizes but, the panels were completely crooked and slightly damaged. I started to complain to the cutter and realized he had a form of mental retardation. Needless to say I kept the panels. They're currently being used as lumberyard masonite was inteneded... as shelves.

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