Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Big Foot Sightings?

Here's a project that's been marinating for a couple months. I received these stencil pieces of Big Foot from Tim Pewe, an amazing multi-talented artist, also from Michigan. Originally the idea was to geotag each of the pieces. Then publish the GPS coordinates in the local paper. From there anyone with a GPS (global positioning system) could set about finding the art. Unfortunately, the local paper changed their deadline date. From the time of the deadline until the time people would get their paper it was nearly 5 days. 5 days was just too long to have the art exposed to the elements. As a result I decided to take them on a road trip and place them in some very select small towns. So far there have been Big Foot Sightings in Fulton, Leonidas, Mendon and Centerville... with more to come. (For those who may not be aware, these are small towns in southwest Michigan).

Be sure to check out Tim's ecletic and inspiring mix of artistry Right Here!!!

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