Friday, January 30, 2009

Fan Art Drawing of John Locke from LOST

This is my first art piece of '09. I can't believe it'd been 23 days since I'd drawn anything significant.

Anyway, I'm hooked on LOST again. (Hence the drawing of John Locke). Toward the end of each season I always claim I'm not going to watch it again, until the final season (2010). The long drawn out story line and unanswered questions drive me crazy. Then the new season begins and I reluctantly tune in.. by the end of the first episode I'm hooked AGAIN. This happens each season and this new season is no exception.

btw. My ongoing theory has been that the island is purgatory. However, with recent episodes my theory may be falling apart.

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William Hessian said...

haha. i also have vowed to not watch lost until its over. I get furious after each episode, too many cliffhangers as you say. I highly doubt that the ending will be satisfactory, or even make sense with the beginning of the show.

however, if it does, I'll be damn happy to watch through the entire show from beginning to end.

Great to find you through flickr, i will be following you from now on.