Sunday, January 18, 2009

16 Random Things About Me

I admit, I really like these internet meme lists. It's always fun to discover something new about people you know (or even people you don't)... so here's my list of "16 Random Things About Me".

1) I have a rare personality type attributed to only 1% of the world's population.

2) In my quiet moments, I secretly imagine being a chef with tattoos covering both arms (full sleeves). In reality I don't cook and I'll probably never get a single tattoo.

3) I have a scar on my nose from when I jumped on our family dog and he accidentally snagged me.

4) I have a freckle on the knuckle of my right thumb. For some strange reason I was very self-conscious about it when I was younger.

5) I enjoy making lists and crossing off completed projects. I rarely procrastinate and typically finish what I start.

6) People with too much charisma repel me. The charisma masks what their hiding. (This probably explains my hatred of clowns)

7) I always sleep with a fan on (white noise). I take a portable one w/ me when I travel.

8) I hate power tools, specifically any tool with the potential to remove fingers.

9) I don't drink, have never been drunk and I've only smoked half a cigarette (I surprisingly wanted another one after I put it out)

10) I have no desire to marry. Given I require and enjoy being alone, I wouldn't have the patience to maintain a life-long relationship... way too much work.

11) I plan on going to my grave having never seen the movie Top Gun. No particular reason, other than I like claiming I've never seen Top Gun.

12) Verbal lefts and rights are ambiguous when I drive. Passengers giving directions usually have to point which way to turn. That being said, I do have a good sense of direction, it just doesn't involve lefts, rights, north, south etc.

13) I was big into street skating (skateboarding) from '86-'93. I won an ollie contest by clearing 11 decks laid side by side. I did it riding a Hosoi Hammerhead, which those in the know will remember being very much like riding an ironing board. In '93 I felt I was getting too old (at 22 years old) to still be skating so I quit... I seriously regret that decision.

14) I've only seen a handful of live concerts: Rollins Band (intense), Janes Addiction (they sucked), Laughing Hyenas (substance abuse impaired performance), Material Issue (talked w/ the lead singer a bit, he was nice enough) and Michael Bolton (I sat in the nosebleed section. All that 90s big hair made it hard to see the performance). And yes, I am embarrassed to admit to having seen Michael Bolton.

15) I've been to every K-Mart store in North and South Dakota. I took a vacation with a family friend who's a long haul trucker. For one week he had to deliver hanging baskets to K-Mart stores throughout Minnesota and the Dakotas. That lifestyle is grueling. Sleeping in the cab and truck stops are far from glamorous or comfortable.

16) I unapologetically love watching TV. If it were possible, I'd watch more. For people who think TV is bad... TV is as bad as you make it. For every Jerry Springer show, there's always something educational or informative on simultaneously.

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