Saturday, February 23, 2008

Global Free Art Project


As mentioned in a previous post, I'm creating art pieces for the "It's Yours Take it" FREE ART project.

The project has been described as: ""It's yours, take it!" is a global free art project taking place in 5 cities. Stateside we have Chicago,Illinois, Honolulu,Hawaii and Phoenix, Arizona. Outside the land of consumption is Tel Aviv, Israel and Portsmouth Hampshire, UK.

Sneak peeks of the pieces can be seen here:

There are future plans for more Free Art events in additional cities worldwide. If interested, drop in on the flickr group and sign-up.


~dani~ said...

Hey, found your blog and love it! Now, you have been tagged. See my blog for the fun details~ dani~

Carolyn said...


Dogtired said...

Hey Sam
Congrats on being the first work taken at the Southsea UK venue.

xxx DT