Sunday, August 05, 2007

Austria Guerilla Art

I haven't posted for awhile since I've been in the process of moving. Now that I'm somewhat settled, here are a few guerrilla art pieces that made their way to Vienna, Austria.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found you on Flickr. I used to live in Vicksburg. I have been living near Barcelona Spain for the past three years and am soon to move back to Michigan. I am seriously interested in posting your guerilla art in Barcelona though. I think that is the most awesome thing ever and if you think you can get me something within the next month...I will be happy to take pictures of your pieces here in Spain. If you want to do this send me an e-mail through flickr (I added you as a contact) and I will send you my address here.

Hurry hurry though...


Anonymous said...

And holy moly...why weren't you leaving guerilla art around Vicksburg when I lived there??? I LOVE it.