Tuesday, June 19, 2007

REJECTion at the Post Office


Whenever I take mail to the local post office to have weighed, I'm frequently at the mercy of one particular postal lady. She has an insatiable need to absolutely dominate every customer she has to "serve".

Her favorite bullying technique includes leaning over the service counter so no one can lay their packages down. She then proceeds to give disapproving glances while eyeballing the TO and FROM addresses. She'll then begrudgingly grab your mailer and inspect every square inch of it. If she finds ANYTHING "wrong" with it she'll either REJECT it and send you to the back desk to fix it or she'll just say "I don't think the post office will accept this... but we'll try".


Catalina Alvarez said...

Oh! there is a lady in my town with the same feature.
I call her Miss "no" hehehe
Funny illo!

Anonymous said...

Gosh...Can't imagine what life at home is like with her! Great backstory to go with your illustration!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Oh my, I just had a similar postal experience. After handing over my package I made a little joke, just a pleasantry really, which was met by an arctic glare from the p.o.worker serving me. I wanted to ask for my package back then, certain it would not get the handling I'd just paid for. But I didn't, and I was right. Something that was supposed to take two days to arrive, took eight.

Lesson: do not make jokes (even gentle ones) in the post office!

tanders said...

hey we must have the same postal clerk!