Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Found Stuff - 2006

I've found some odd things this year. An inflatable ball & chain in a corn field, a hand carved knife, and on a separate day, an ipod shuffle near a hospital driveway exit.

**I turned the iPod Shuffle into the police. No one claimed it after 120 days, so I claimed it and gave it to my mom, who uses it all the time.***


Anonymous said...

You're a bit like a Womble I assume ?! :)

Anonymous said...

Incase you're wondering what a Womble is

sammo said...

Glad you included the wikipedia link... that sure is a long running tv series. I'm gonna have to check for some youtube clips.

btw. I've tried numerous times leaving comments on your blog... that beta "thing" is acting weird... I'll keep trying.

Anonymous said...

You must have great adventures.