Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Recently I decided to get a guitar to see if I had any musical ability. I've never been drawn to try anything musically oriented but have always felt that maybe I had some latent talent. Well with winter coming on, I thought why not spend the next few months immersed in learning the guitar. So after a good deal of research I found the guitar and amplifier in my price range. Fortunately the local guitar shop had plenty in stock. So this afternoon I picked up the guitar, amplifier, extra strings and a how to play guitar DVD. I got home, watched the DVD chapters on guitar tuning and using an amplifier. It all looked pretty straightforward so I plugged the guitar into the amplifier....... maybe I should say I plugged the guitar into the AMPLI-FIRE!!! because as soon as I plugged in, it immediately started SMOKING... so while hustling to take it outside I realized the ampli-fire wasn't the only thing that went up in smoke... so too went my musical aspirations.

**The guitar shop offered to exchange the amplifier but I wasn't at all feeling confident with the brand. So I decided to put my musical aspirations on hold... I think I'll stick to my art.**

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