Thursday, December 01, 2005

Video Blog - Ft. Custer Mountain Biking

Here's a portion of a video segment I shot/edited depicting Ft. Custer's (Battle Creek, MI) mountain bike course. We transported 60-70lbs of video equipment up and down bike trails using one of those child bike trailers. The bike trailer barely fit the majority of Ft. Custer's trails.

(I believe this was shot during the Spring of 2003.)


Adam said...

Very Sweet!! I love mountain biking and always have wanted to get down to Fort Custer. There is about a group of 20-25 I ride with and many of them have rode Fort Custer. Great work, if you ever want, or need, to shot more like that let me know. We ride all year long, every single week.

sammo said...

Thanks for the offer. Treking around Ft Custer with all that video stuff was absolutely gruelling. That day is still fresh in my memory... once that memory fades I may be inclined to shoot there again. Maybe someday I'll take you up on your offer.