Friday, July 08, 2005

You Killa My Dog... I Shoota You Face!

I took this photo while biking in the "bad" part of town. Trust me it's not a novelty sign.


Diseased Wits said...

The sign says "...dogs." So does that mean I wouldn't be shot for hitting just one dog? What if I hit a dog -but wasn't speeding? Are we strictly talking about cars? What if a dog is struck by a bicyclist? Or someone riding a tauntaun?

sammo said...

I'm thinking the No Trespassing sign is merely a suggestion. He'd probably welcome your questions.

The guy seems reasonable enough that he'd be sure the punishment fit the crime.

I believe killing his dog(s) while riding a tauntaun probably wouldn't get you shot. You'd be more likely to get disemboweled with a light saber. I'd ask just to be sure. Maybe even request your body be stored in the children's playhouse until the authorities arrive.