Tuesday, May 03, 2005

When Yards Go Bad

This Photo Scored a Decent 415pts

One of my hobbies (social experiments) is photographing really trashy yards. I’ve been doing this for a number of years. I’ve recently learned there are other photographers shooting the same subject matter. Many live in Mississippi. Anyway, for some strange reason the worst looking yards tend to be in trailer parks. (Keep in mind I have nothing against trailer parks, mobile homes or their inhabitants. This is strictly about the yards). I Look at it this way, if you want to see lions go to Africa. If you want to see bad yards go to trailer parks.

During my excursions to trailer parks searching for yards gone bad I’ve encountered numerous commonalities. These commonalities include mobile homes where toilet tanks are being used as decorative driveway markers, outdoor furniture comprised of car seats on cinder blocks, strange two-tone color schemes, indoor appliances being used outdoors to name a few. Having seen so many common elements I compiled a list and assigned a point system to allow me to score my photos.
Strange color schemes (at least two-tone) - 50pts
Screen door(s) unhinged in at least one place - 50pts

1 broken vehicle - 80pts
2 broken vehicles (same model… one probably used for parts) - 200pts
2 broken vehicles (unrelated models) - 160pts

Small Satellite Dish (18“ or less) - 10pts
Large satellite dish (measured in feet)- 100pts

No Trespassing sign - 10pts
Keep out Sign - 10pts
Beware of Dog sign - 10pts
No Hunting - 10pts

Confederate flag - 50pts
Confederate flag as curtain- 110pts

NASCAR Flags or banners - 10pts

50 gallon drums (sometimes used as burn barrels or trash)- 10pts

Empty bottles and or cans - 25pts

Obvious fire starters (gas cans, oily rags etc) - 25pts (not per item)

Toilets & Bathtubs:
* Toilet in the yard (non decorative) - 25pts
* Toilet in yard (decorative… ie. drive way markers) - 110pts
* Bathtub (decorative… ie. flower planter) - 110pts
* Bathtub (Non-decorative) - 25pts

Something Hanging From a Tree:
* Transmission/engine - 110pts
* Deer carcass - 80pts
* Tire Swings - 0pts

* Coon dogs - 50pts/dog
* Rotwieler or Pit Bull - 80pts/dog
* Mutts - 0pts
******sidenote - Usually dogs are used to keep people away from the property. It's ok to add the appropriate dog score to a photo even if they don't appear in the photo. I beleive you should get points since it's hard to shoot a photo with a dog barking which could in turn alert the home owner who may then try to shoot you.****

Mattress - 140pts

* Refrigerator (working) - 150pts
* Refrigerator (non working) - 80pts
* Washer - 80pts
* Dryer - 80pts
* Washer and Dryer - 180pts

Tires - 20 pts
Tire rims - 20pts
Tractor Tires (decorative.. Ie driveway markers) - 60pts

Bowling balls (decorative… ie. Driveway markers) - 20 pts

Van or car seats placed on cinder blocks being used as outdoor furniture - 50pts

Recliner in yard - 90pts
Recliner in yard with person sleeping in it - 200pts

A few weeks ago I struck "gold". Almost. I spotted a nasty yard complete with a person sleeping in their recliner. The recliner was placed smack dab in the middle of the yard. Nowhere near the porch. I live for photographic moments like that. Unfortunately my sister doesn't. She happened to be driving and refused to slow down enough for me to snap a photo. Instead she sped up and gave me a lengthy speech on privacy laws. Since I'm still mad about it I'll just say my sister works at a day care. So if I want advice on the bowel movements of children or diapers I'll ask her. If I want advice on privacy laws I'll ask a lawyer.

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I have some pretty funny/ interesting trailer trash photos.