Monday, May 23, 2005

Penitentiary Swing Crew


Most of my peeps know I'm a hard core competitive swinger (of the school yard swing set variety.) So recently I joined the Prison League Swing Set Association (PLSSA) to up my game.

My swing crew is comprised of mostly 3 time offenders. I'm the only one with a clean record. (As PLSSA bylaws state I can compete as long as armed guards are present during competition). I might add I'm also the only member with a clean canvas (ie. no tatoos). However, if we win this year's tourney I may reconsider. I figure, since my seat of choice (shown above) is custom made for me by Schnieder Swing Accessories I'll probably get their logo tatooed on my maximus. Ironically, after a long game of swing their embossed seat logo is ususally indented in my maximus anyway.

I'm feeling pretty confident this year about the tourney. My swing crew has nothing but time to train. Some of their synchronized swinging routines are pretty tight. However, I did recently find out one of our swing crew members, accidentally or not so accidentally, vaulted over the prison security fences when he over pumped during training. He got shot dead, by the guard, just as his feet hit the security fence mulch. My swing crew said it was a near perfect dismount... except for the dying part. I think we're going to retire his number (485625489) at the next swing match.

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