Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Speak Before You Think

Here’s a collection of odd things people say. These are parts of real conversations I’ve had. For purposes of this blog I'll use their initials to protect the innocent. Publicly when the people said these things I immediately stopped the conversation, laughed and pointed at them.

Remember these are all true:
1) I asked “Was that your idea?” to which MO responded “Not originally”

2) I asked “It seems unending doesn’t it?” to which MO responded “So far”

3) DP nervously said “I’ve got this gut feeling, in my head.”

4) DP explaining characteristics of the moon flower “It’s the best smell you’ve ever seen”

5) AM on pencils “I refuse to use number 2 pencils. Do you know what those are made of? number 2!”

Here are a few things I’ve overheard people say:
1) My Dad died in a police shoot-out but, it was my Mom’s fault.

2) You don’t want to wear your fairy wings upside down. That would just look silly.

Just to round out this blog, here are some words I said with unwanted intentions/consequences. Yes, most people stopped the conversation, laughed and pointed at me too.

1) Sociopastor = associate pastor when said too quickly.

2) Skunk Kissed Fruit Candy = Sunkist Fruit Candy when said too quickly.


Diseased Wits said...

A former co-worker revised Mernards' tagline from "Save Big Money at Mernards" to "Shave Big Monkeys at Mernards." That's been helpful in putting a smile on my face when I see their TV spot. Something the banjo in their theme song doesn't.

sammo said...

How can you not appreciate that?