Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Just Checking

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Here's a pleasant photo of my bank. But, don't let the pleasantness fool you. Since the day I switched from my former bank to this one i've regretted it. Behind these doors lay bank tellers whose sole purposes are to step on the necks of kittens, leave children at filling stations unattended and mess up my banking.

When I opened my new account I had some very common banking requests. Set-up a joint account and order new checks. Nothing to it right? After a 20 minute fill out the paper work, hoop jump I felt no worries. It wasn'tuntil a week later I noticed my checks hadn't arrived. So I called the bank, spoke with the teller who allegedly ordered them. No problem she assured me. They'd recently been having delays at the check fulfillment center. I just needed to be patient. Ok, no big deal I'll continue to use the temporary checks they issued.

If you haven't opened a new checking account in a while, the bank will give temporary checks showing the different styles you could order in the future. In my case I got stuck with Bugs Bunny, puppies, a dolphin cresting over a bald eagle while wrapped in an American flag temporary checks.

Anyway, little did I realize that previous 20 minute hoop jump would ignite into a flaming ring of fire that would burn white hot for 5 more weeks. Week after week went by and no sign of my checks. I continued to call, make personal visits. I even asked different tellers what the status of my checks were in an attempt to catch one of them in a lie. Unfortunately I couldn't. But they knew, I knew the checks had never been ordered.

All I can say is it was nice of them to issue me additional temporary checks when the first batch ran out. Finally, I could stop writing Bugs Bunny and puppies checks. So, I was hoping this new batch would be more "banky" looking. Something with some sophistication, seriousness and with any luck pillars. That's not exactly what I got. They were kind enough to issue the "REAR ENDS OF NORTH AMERICAN MAMMALS" series. Nothing says I'm in control of my finances like half a dozen curly tailed, bloated pig butts emblazoned on my checks.

Curiously absent was the hind end of the donkey. I suppose they felt that would be redundant since my name was already on the checks.

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Anonymous said...

Like this is so agreed upon. If anyone needs a good bank this is not the one to invest your money or time at. They are all out for themselves and not the customer. Mistakes are in their favor and they will not correct their mistakes. Who wants to belong to a National City anyway. Let's get back to home town banking.