Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recent Art Projects Update - 2014

Here are some experimental and finished illustrations I've worked on since January. Some were drawn traditionally while others were drawn using the iPad and various drawing apps.

This image popped into my head a couple weeks ago...  fortunately I was able to find some time to get it on paper. (Copic pens, sharpie markers on 8.5" x 11" marker paper.)

I'm still working on finding the right combination of iPad apps that allow me to draw more naturally... so far no app works as well as traditional paper and pencil. However, for adding quick color to my drawings I'm liking the iPad and Procreate app.

I've been working on a line of kids illustrations. (Copic Pens on marker paper)

This is an experimental iPad drawing using Adobe Ideas and Procreate apps. The more I use the Adobe Ideas app the more I like it.

This is my ipad experimental drawing of Walter White, one of TVs "best" villains. Drawing created in Adobe Ideas.

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