Monday, July 04, 2011

A Comforatble Kayak!! - Jackson Kayaks Coosa Angler Kayak

380 Comfortable Kayak

I stopped kayaking about four years ago due to it becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Sitting in a kayak just wasn't pleasant anymore. I was only able to paddle for about an hour before I would start cramping. So kayaking was done for me. Well through the years I've researched different kayak models hoping to find one that would possibly be more comfortable. Unfortunately kayaks are basically the same. You either sit in them or sit on top. Neither option was comfortable for me. However this past Fall I found some video clips on youtube about the Coosa Angler Kayak. It was a kayak that allowed fishermen to stand and fish, plus it had an adjustable seat that could be lowered and raised. Since the seat could be raised it appeared as though you could sit in a much more normal position than what a kayak usually allows. I immediately ordered the kayak (shown) and have had it since March. Unfortunately, the seat, albeit much more comfortable than all other kayaks was still uncomfortable (for me). So on a whim, I thought I'd try replacing the seat with a video game chair. To my surprise it fit perfectly and was completely stable. I have to admit the seat is way more comfortable than my living room sofa. Thanks to Jackson Kayak (and a simple modification) I can enjoy kayaking again. Needless to say I love the Coosa Kayak.

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