Sunday, September 05, 2010

My Dog Sighs Tribute Painting

380 MDS

Awhile back, while hanging with the NIBS YO! Crew we chose to do some tribute paintings. I chose the artist "My Dog Sighs".

About five years ago I stumbled upon a fellow artist by the name of My Dog Sighs. He lived in the U.K. and, Like myself, he was creating free works of art and leaving them in public spaces. Of course the two of us connected and have been admiring each others work ever since. So when the NIBS Yo! crew decided on creating tribute paintings My Dog Sighs was the easy choice for me.

My Dog Sighs is known for doing many different types of street art. Specifically his credit card flowers, rotten fruit faces and faux employment posters to name a few. But for me it's his jelly fish paintings (shown above-top painting) that I really like. So this was my quirky cat-like jelly fish painting done on cardboard and hung in an undisclosed location.

Be sure to check out My Dog Sighs extensive street art projects here:

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