Thursday, July 20, 2006 Almost Live


In early June I got this crazy idea to videotape all the public lake access sites in Kalamazoo County and post them online. In addition, I thought I'd put together a 30 minute public TV program with that footage as well. Reason being, when I first started kayaking a few years ago I'd wished I could see what the local lakes looked like before going.

So over the course of two weeks I was able to shoot most of the lakes' public access sites. Then it took another 3 weeks to edit the footage into a 30 minute show and and 2 minute video clips for the web.

Then I experimented with trying to create a "real" website (ie not using blogger). After a week of absolute frustration trying to modify wordpress and joomla to accept embedded youtube videos and changing header graphics I gave up and went back to blogger. Ahhhhh.... much easier..... clunky, but way easier. I also setup a cafepress shop and created a slew of lake specific tshirt designs.

I still have some cleanup work to do on the site but I'm pleased to say it's "live".

Go Check it out:


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