Thursday, May 04, 2006

$27.50 do I hear $27.50

I recently read a glowing review about a graphic novel (comic book). It sounded intriguing enough that I made a trip to the comic book store. Keep in mind, I never go to comic book stores unless I'm looking for used music CDs. As a result I headed straight to the front counter and asked the 40 year old clerk where I could find this particular book. He led me straight to two shrink wrapped copies of the book. I said great! That's what I was looking for. Then I asked him to remove it from the shrink wrap so I could see if I wanted it. He said: NO. NO? I asked. He said it would decrease it's value. Then he went on to say he'd check the back for other titles by this artist. So there I stood staring at a book I was interested in buying while the clerk looked for another book I had no interest in. As I waited I noticed the price, $27.50. Then I began to wonder how much the book was out of it's wrapper. Finally, the clerk came back saying he couldn't find another title by that artist. I then asked AGAIN if he could please open the wrapper so I could see the book. He AGAIN said NO because it would decrease it's value. Then I asked. What if I buy the book, open it, read it, and decide to return it. How much will my refund be? He said "I'll open it"... Exactly!!!! Because it's $27.50 either way!!!! So he irritatingly breaks the shrinkwrapped seal with his fingernail. Then hovers 4 feet away as I flip each and every page slowly. Deciding to put him out of his misery and in an effort to look at the book in peace I offered to find him when I was done.

The obvious question to follow would be: Did you buy the book? Nope.

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Anonymous said...

What was wrong with that clerk? Or do you suppose having a job like that at that age forced him to become a jerk?