Friday, September 23, 2005

Don't Even Think About It


People will generally agree to any request as long as it's reasonable.


On my way home from work one day I decided to stop by the salvage yard and ask to walk around and take some photos of rusty stuff. So I walked in the office to get permission and noticed 5 guys with their feet up on 3 desks. I Knew right then they weren't going to allow any photos to be taken. Since I was pretty far into the office I had to ask anyway. So I did. Apparently one guy didn't hear my request and asked me to repeat myself. You know how it is when you're asked to repeat yourself, you sometimes speak louder and you comes across beligerent. That's exactly what happend. I may as well asked the guy to "get your carcass outside because I'm prepared to pummel your sorry butt" instead of the actual passive, humble words asking his permission. So that didn't go too well. Of course I was denied access.

I did learn a valuable lesson about myself from this little incident. I've discovered I'm still a reasonable person but, more importanly I'm also slightly passive aggressive.

In order to spare anyone else the embarassment of asking permission I've included a photo of the salvage yard. So I strongly urge you not to even think about taking a photo of this salvage yard. It's off limits. Under no circumstance should anyone ever take a photo of this place.

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